Risks, Rewards Of Sales Sector Makes High-Pressure Job Appealing, Mark Sellecchia Says

mark sellecchiaThose who have entered the field of sales don’t have it easy. Faced with finding potential clients in need of goods or services, the daily dance with prospects is one that’s repeated over and over. These software or medical sales professionals need to then accurately and convincingly sell their items to the customer time and again. According to BusinessInsider.com, it’s a world of high stakes and high rewards. How high? A base salary in excess of $100,000 at some of the top software companies could be complemented by a commission bonus of the same amount or greater — if the salesperson hits their quota. That may be the case, but it’s not why Mark Sellecchia is looking to get into the industry. This natural-born salesperson and recent Georgia State University graduate knows that a career in software or medical sales will provide a rewarding experience.

What exactly are the risks and rewards of working as a high-pressure salesperson in today’s economy. As Business Insider states, someone working for the database management company Oracle could earn more than $500,000 annually after factoring in base salary and commission bonuses. “An enterprise software salesperson will have a quota, perhaps $5 million. Hit the quota and it’s ‘cha-ching!’ Miss it and risk losing your job,” the article states. “Salespeople who regularly exceed their quota will find that the company raises it. They should get paid more, but they’ll also have more pressure to perform.” Mark Sellecchia, who earned a bachelor of business administration in 2017 from Georgia State University, feels that he’ll be driven – not deterred – by such high risks and rewards and those who visit Mark David Sellecchia.com will quickly learn why.

Mr. Sellecchia is both outgoing and a hard worker. When software or medical sales companies look for a professional who’ll get the point across and then drive it home, being outgoing and a proven hard worker are essential traits. These personal skills and more will be highlighted on Mark David Sellecchia.com, which will tell readers more about the sales sector as well as about Mr. Sellecchia. As a knowledgeable follower of the tech industry and stock market, he also knows which companies are on the rise and others that may have a tough road ahead. Armed with this knowledge, a salesperson like Mark Sellecchia could easily identify potential clients who will have the budget to spend on new and improved products versus those merely keeping their head above water.