Mark David Sellecchia Says Software Sales Career All About Exhibiting These 3 Traits

Mark David SellecchiaIt takes a certain person to thrive in a sales-based environment, but those suited for this sector can knock it out of the park on a daily basis. Given the current state of the tech industry – which is just bursting with promising start-ups and Silicon Valley success stories – getting into the sales side of the tech sector can be an exhilarating experience. This is what Mark David Sellecchia learned at Georgia State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing in 2017. As a student of marketing, Mr. Sellecchia learned how to put products on a pedestal and have companies or investors get on board and provide backing. One look at the meteoric rise of ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft or the room-renting program Airbnb goes to show what a single program and humble smartphone can accomplish these days.

According to Fortune magazine, Lyft received in late 2017 an extra $500 million in funding from Fidelity Management & Research Company and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Why are companies throwing so much cash at a tech company? As Mark Sellecchia sees it, the fact that Lyft previously announced its desire to partner with both automobile manufacturers as well as tech companies in pursuit of a self-driving car goes to show what this industry leader has in mind for the future. But, to cement such deals, it takes a tech salesman like Mr. Sellecchia to market the software that’s going to make such “moonshot” missions possible.

What does it take to excel at sales? According to Inc.com, there are a good variety of positive traits that can contribute to a prosperous career. Intelligence, drive and personality are a three-for-one deal that the article outlines as being a recipe for success. Mark David Sellecchia is undoubtedly one of these individuals. According to the article, this three-fold mix “will ensure that they can not only get themselves in front of buyers but also close the deal — and ultimately create relationships that pay dividends over time.” Since companies that hire software salespeople are looking for someone who can doggedly pursue potential clients, won’t shirk from cold-calling and will eventually make a lot of money in the process, it pays to have someone with smarts and charisma.

Mr. Sellecchia aspires to enter the software sales field in the near future and is certain that the training he completed during college has set him up for a fruitful career. To learn more about him and the software sales sector in general, we encourage you to visit this site regularly for additional updates!